General Surgery

If You Need Surgery, Find All Your Surgical Options in One Place

Whenever you need a surgical procedure, turn to surgical specialists who've worked together for 20 years: Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. Our talented team of experienced, board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners offer you an entire suite of available surgical procedures for a host of medical issues and conditions. 

One Team for Major and Minor Surgeries

Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. offers a broad array of surgical services for a range of conditions. Our team offers:

  •  Biliary and pancreatic surgery
  •  Gastrointestinal surgeries (stomach, small intestine, colon, and rectum)
  •  Surgical repairs for hernias
  •  Skin and soft tissue surgeries
  •  Endocrine surgeries (including thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal)
  •  Advanced laparoscopic surgery
  •  Minimally invasive varicose vein and ulcer care
  •  Surgery of the spleen
  •  Gastric bypass surgery (known as weight loss or bariatric surgery)

Finding the Next Frontier in Surgical Procedures

The next big advancement in surgical technique is here in the form of da Vinci surgery! What is this new surgical system? The da Vinci system works through just a few small incisions. The surgeon views your body through a magnified, 3D vision system and uses tiny wristed instruments that are far more agile than human hands to conduct surgeries!

Essentially, the da Vinci system has given your surgeon more control and enhanced vision during your surgical procedure. Learn more about the da Vinci system today!
Well-Respected Surgeons

CNYSP has been together for
20 years, providing you with
top-tier surgical care services and procedures!
Visit Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. today for information on general surgery, weight loss surgery, and breast surgery! 

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Get superb treatment for wounds with Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.! Learn more about our available wound care services and treatments!
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