Varicose Veins Surgery

Don't Deal with Aching, Painful Varicose Veins for Another Day

If you've got the enlarged, prominent veins known as varicose veins, you understand the pain and embarrassment that accompanies this disorder. While the cause of varicose veins may remain unknown, you've got options to help mitigate the problem! One remedy is the Vnus Closure, a treatment to close varicose veins from Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.!

Details on the Vnus Closure Procedure

The Vnus Closure procedure is a minimally invasive treatment in which a small catheter equipped with a radio frequency device is inserted through a small incision. Heat is then delivered to the collagen around affected veins via the RF device, shrinking and eventually closing the diseased veins and redirecting blood flow to healthy veins. Without blood flow, the veins should collapse and seal as the catheter is removed, reducing the appearance of your varicose veins! This vein surgery could permanently reduce your varicose veins!

Additional steps, such as walking more, avoiding long durations on your feet and physical exertion, and compression garments may be recommended by Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. to aid in your healing process.

Since this minimally invasive vein surgery is done as an outpatient surgery, you'll experience a very little downtime (usually 1-2 days or fewer) and little to no
scarring! Plus, Vnus Closure is one of a few varicose vein procedures offering
long-lasting symptom relief!
Wound Care

Expert Wound Care from Experienced Physicians

In addition to exceptional treatments for varicose veins, Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. can also provide you with expert-level wound care! From non-healing wounds to soft tissue infections and chronic osteomyelitis, CNYSP is your source for top-tier wound care. Plus, our team can remediate spider veins if it's found to be necessary for your health.

Need details on our Vnus Closure treatment or our available wound care services? Visit Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. at 739 Irving Ave., Suite 450 in Syracuse, NY 13210. We don't perform any cosmetic surgical procedures. 
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