Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery is Your Alternative to Traditional Surgeries

Any type of surgery can be scary, but traditional surgeries that can require large incisions and lengthy healing processes can be even more frightening. Looking for an alternative that will use smaller incisions, offer you quicker recovery times with less downtime, and leave less scarring? Laparoscopic surgery from Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. may be the solution that's been eluding you!

Details on Laparoscopic Surgery

Interested in laparoscopic surgery for a weight loss procedure like gastric bypass surgery? Perhaps, you want this surgical procedure done for reparative measures like after a hernia or to remove an ailing gallbladder. 

Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. can perform laparoscopic surgery (also known as minimally invasive surgery or MIS) as an outpatient procedure. 

An outpatient surgery means NO lengthy hospital stays are needed! You'll often return home the same day as your surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery for a Range of Issues:

  •  Gallbladder surgery
  •  Hernias
  •  Gastric bypass surgery
  •  Performed as an outpatient procedure
Board Certified

All physicians at CNYSP are board-certified doctors or fully licensed and certified nurse practitioners!
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Traditional surgery options are also available from Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.! Ask our team about general surgery or our specialized surgical services!
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