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Considering an appointment with Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.? Learn everything you need to know and find details on key items and paperwork to bring with you for your appointment! Whether you're attending a FREE weight loss seminar or you're undergoing a surgical consultation, reading this information will make your visit a breeze!

What Should You Bring to Your Appointment?

A few vital pieces of information and paperwork are required for your visit to Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.:
  • Your insurance card
  • Physician referral forms (if required by your insurance)
  • List of prescriptions and OTC medicines, including dosage and frequency of use
  • Information about your medical and surgical history
  • Recent x-rays or relevant medical records
  • Completed new patient form and medical release form

How Will I Handle Insurance Paperwork and Payments?

Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. is a Medicare provider and accepts most major insurance plans. We also provide insurance billing services. If any charges related to your treatment are not covered by insurance, you will be responsible for those charges at your appointment.

Your insurance plan may also have a co-payment associated with your appointment. When necessary, Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C. can work with you to set up a payment plan to ease the burden of co-payments.

Got questions regarding your billing or insurance? Feel free to contact our team. If you've got questions about your insurance coverage and available benefits, please direct those questions to your employer or your insurance provider.
Patient Info

Details on CNYSP's Privacy Practices

Please carefully read Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.' s Notice of Privacy Practices for details on how medical information about you may be disclosed and how you can get access to any information about you that was proffered. 

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